CBD Overview

More than ever before, CBD is blazing the trail and winning the hearts of individuals who were once skeptical of the enormous benefits of the CBD Hemp Flower. We are sure you must have heard of cannabidiol (CBD), an extract of the hemp plant, and the many soothing tales of its therapeutic effects.

Like the more well-known THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is a cannabinoid extract of the hemp plant. While THC is well-known for producing a psychoactive “high” that has garnered the compound and the cannabis plant much fame (and infamy) around the world; CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect. Rather, CBD offers a slew of soothing, calming effects on the mind and body. These effects are what have made it an exciting choice for individuals seeking alternative medicinal and recreational treatments for ailments that are difficult to manage.

CBD is mild on the mind and body of most people with only few reported side effects.


OG Laboratories

In view of the excitement around CBD and its efficiency, the product has become one of the most in demand substances across North America. Today, you can get CBD in almost every known consumable form, from edibles to vapes and flower.

The excitement is widespread and such that people from all works of life are eager to make purchases but getting the right quality is beginning to prove difficult.

OG Laboratories ventured into the CBD marketplace to fill the supply gap for quality CBD products. We are producers of Premium CBD products for wellness and are focused on providing the highest quality products and the best customer support in the CBD industrial hemp marketplace.

We believe in empowering ourselves with Smart Choices. We also believe in the benefits of natural healing. Although there are some great CBD products out there, we at OG Laboratories believe we have the best products on the market.  The OG Labs CBD range of products and particularly our premium CBD Hemp Flowers are the best products for anyone seeking pure CBD pleasure for the right price.


Our ranges of hemp flowers give the user a broad range of healthy choices. Some of the OG Hemp Flowers that have been a hit with users are;

Siskiyou Gold: This mystery Origin, golden buds of hemp flower has been a great choice of several of our customers. The strain has been described by many as enjoyable. The pungent, flowery, sweet smelling aroma bellies the enormous CBD benefits the strain offers.

The siskiyou gold is a hybrid strain and offers users a great 15.40% CBD value per gram. A great choice no doubt.

Sour Space Candy: An amazing favorite, this CBD strain is the beat of both worlds; Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry.

With a CBD value of 16.01%, this strain’s potency is reaffirmed with every drag. The dense buds are multicolored, showing purple, orange, and green hues, and the flavor, similar to Sour Diesel but with an even sour flavor to the mix.

Sour Space candy gives off a tropical feel with a sour, sweet taste.

Suver Haze:  A calm and inspiring strain, the Suver Haze is great for those long lazy days. Made from a fine blend of Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry, the Suver Haze offers a powerful aroma and rich flavor. The flavor of the Suver Haze can be best described as black pepper and sweet fruits

The flavor is reminiscent of fruity lemon and pine.


Indica vs. Sativa

Many have wondered what the difference is between indica and sativa strains and what the hybrid strains are and how they affect the quality of the final product. The Sativa and Indica strains are the two major hemp flower categories while the hybrid is a mix of both.

According to this report, Sativas are known for their “head high,” an invigorating, energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus; while Indicas are typically associated with full-body effects, such as increasing deep relaxation and reducing insomnia. The hybrid strain offers a mix of both depending on the composition of the constituent strains.

In respect to CBD and THC values there is no concluding report to show which has a higher THC or CBD value. The relative THC and CBD amounts in a given sativa or indica strain can be quite different amongst products. There simply isn’t a clear-cut winner with regard to indica or sativa containing more CBD overall. The best thing to do is to examine the CBD information for any product you’re purchasing. Each one of OG Laboratories products contain a third party lab test and COA available to view at any time.